The One Where I Shamelessly Promote

Yeah, so I don't think I've ever gone 27 days without blogging in over a year. Weird.

Though, I made it clear in my last post on September 1st that I was buried under a pile of work. Well, I am finally climbing out. And I'm no longer in the publishing process. As of about an hour ago, the first anthology of TRC became available at Smashwords, it should be up at Amazon within the next 24 hours.

So, here I am shamelessly plugging my book, because coffee is a luxury for struggling authors. Spread the word, buy the book, support my Java habit. Thanks.

Wildwood may look like a normal, trendy neighborhood along the bank of the Iowa River, a place where equality is the norm, and everyone takes community seriously. But, the Crossing in front of Wildwood High School, where Wildwood Avenue meets Ravens Road, is more than just the heart of the neighborhood. Those who call Wildwood their home are protecting more secrets than anyone would ever suspect. When 13 students entering their junior year of high school at WHS begin to uncover the truth, even those who have lived in Wildwood their entire lives will be shocked.

Lucas, Riley, Morgan, Holly, Kaz, Quinn, Darci, Elliot, Sharon, Alex, Raiden, Hemp, and Tetsuya become involved in a world of danger, while trying to navigate the social scene of teenage life. The 13 uncover what is happening in the Grove, where passing the next test involves more than reading a textbook. Find out who is secretly crushing, who is bold enough to confess, who isn’t ready to commit, and what everyone will have to do to protect Wildwood. Join 13 students as they discover the importance of trust and what it truly means to have power.

The Ravens Crossing (TRC) is a LGBTQ and Straight Ally friendly project. TRC is a continuity story, told through daily short fiction segments, involving multiple authors, characters, and points of view. This is the complete anthology of Season One, compiled  from TRC website. Season Two began in August 2012.


Go here to buy the book.

I have to thank my co-authors West Thornhill and Amanda Corlies for being amazing and riding this crazy rollercoaster since last year. This is just the beginning.