I've Been Dreading This Since Last Year

So, last year Google let users know that Google Reader would be discontinued in July 2013. They formally announced it on their blog a week or so ago. The interwebs response has been a combination of frustration, outrage, petitions, and odes to Google Reader.

Mostly, I've been deluding myself that this service isn't really going away. Honestly, I don't know how to get through the day without my Google Reader. I've been using it since it began in 2005-- it's a brilliant RSS reader.

I've looked at the options that everyone else is looking at. Nothing comes close. They all suck. I just want to keep my Google Reader. It's almost the end of March and I am running out of time to organize the hundreds of RSS feeds that I follow. I should see this as a challenge to find something new, shiny, better. Honestly, the prospect brings me to tears. Google Reader is by far one of the best platforms that Google has ever created. I feel betrayed by my bestest bestie.

I'm really freaking mad at you, Google. Break ups suck.