Hello Internet, my old friend

It's been more than eons since I posted anything. Which doesn't mean I've dropped off the face of the planet. Mostly, it means I've been really, incredibly, truly busy. If you follow any of my other social media accounts or The Ravens Crossing then you've seen me around.

I've had quite a bit going on. I did the background parenting thing for two semesters while my youngest embarked on the college journey. During that time I decided to return to grad school, because you know I've got some time on my hands. I also became the co-president of our newly formed, local PFLAG chapter and that's been a whole lotta something, considering where I live. I attended PRIDE two weeks ago and it was amazing!

PRIDE 2014. Getting things started on an overcast day that soon turned beautiful.

All in all, I probably had time, but not the inclination, to post updates to my journal. But, when I glanced at the last dated entry I was SHOCKED! So, here's to picking back up to where I left off.